Mobile Application and Cloud Development for your smart devices

Easy to develop, easy to connect, easy to manage

What we can offer

Application Development

Our released mobile applications are stable, have high quality and rich user experience. Many customers have been shipped them to markets.

Customization Service

We can help you to change application logo or splash screen in order to publish it to application's store quickly.


Our SDK includes rich API that can be used as the foundation to develop a great iOS, Android application with the secure control and ability to manage devices.

UI Customization Kit

Our customization kit helps developers to change company logo, splash screen, text strings or even customize UI without a big effort, which makes iOS and Android applications well recognizable and competitive.

Customer Project Service

We are ready to work in closer cooperation with you developing the new application that requires a lot of different specifications. We make sure the quality and stability, and provide maintain service.

OTA Service

Our cloud service is completely managed service that provides a full suite of operational, firmware and software OTA upgrade and analytic services to manage connected deployment throughout its lifecycle.

Device Management Service

Supported IC vendors

Why you should choose us

Rich IC experience

4 years cooperation experience with image IC companies

Advanced App functions

Support multi-chip that helps to save time and cost providing better user experience

Great tool and reference code

Quick and easy verify API command, fulfill different customization requirements

OTA cloud service

Extend the application function and future application

Quick response service

To help customers time to market is our first priority

Long-term roadmap

Continuously development and cooperation

Our customers